Tie Dye Kits

There are tie dye kits for every situation. Here are a few of the best tie dye kits we have been able to find:

The Tulip One-Step Tie Dye Kits

Featuring three colors in each tie dye kit, you can make up to 8 shirts per kit. The Tulip Ultimate Tie Dye Kit includes 5 colors and dyes up to 14 shirts.

The Jacquard Tie Dye Kits

Containing primary colors of pre-measured Procion dye powder in convenient applicator bottles, soda ash dye fixer, rubber bands, rubber gloves, with easy to follow instructions and an extra color mixing bottle for mixing secondary or pastel colors. These kits will dye up to 15 adult t-shirts. These tie dye kits are a super way to get started with tie dyeing!

The Baby Shower Tie Dye Kits

This is the perfect gift for the creative expecting mom. These great tie dye kits includes all the basic “must have” items that a new mom will need. It’s a perfect baby shower activity too!

The Magic String Craft Tie Dye Kit

The strings in this Magic String T-shirt Craft Tie Dye Kit do all the work. With no messy vats of dye and mixing sticks needed, just tie the strings all over the included t-shirt, dip it in water and voila.


  • What to Dye – Make sure your fabric is 100% cotton and a light color. Polyester will not accept the dye. Fun projects include tennis shoes, beach towels, backpacks, socks, bandanas, etc.
  • Prewash Item – Brightest colors are achieved on prewashed fabrics , this removes the sizing and allows the dyes to penetrate deeply into the fibers.
  • Supply List – Have plenty of paper towels, plastic tablecloths, a plastic bag for each project, additional rubber bands, scissors and a permanent pen.
  • What to Wear – The dye is permanent, so wear clothing and shoes that it’s not a big deal if dye gets on them.

Have fun with your tie dye kits !