Sofia Makes Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes I Cake Boss

Hoboken style, baby! We’re the Valastro’s, we’re here to bake. Hi, I’m Sofia Valastro Today I’m going to show you how to make ice cream cone tie die cupcakes. I learned these from my dad, he’s The Cake Boss! First, I’m going to start with my cake mix. Next, I’m going to add my water. This is 1 cup of water. Then, I add my 1/4 cup of oil. We have 3 large eggs. Now we’re ready for my dad’s secret ingredient: the custard pouch! That’s what’s going to make this cake moist and delicious. Now I’m going to put my paddle attachment on. We’re going to mix it for about 2 minutes. Once you get this batter mixed up really good, you can increase the speed a little bit. Now I’m going to unlock it and lift it up. Look how smooth and velvety this batter looks. Now that our cake batter is ready, it’s time to add some color, baby! So I’m going to equally split the batter into these 3 bowls.

Let’s start with the pink one, my favorite color. Alright, it’s cupcake time, baby. I’m using a mini muffin pan because it’s going to make a nice sturdy stand for the ice cream cone. Now these are just regular ice cream cones. So now, I’m just going to put these in I’m going to take a little spoonful of green batter. Pop it in. I’m going to move to my pink, in the same cone. If you put a little too much of one color, it’s really not going to matter.

We’re going to swirl it. You don’t want to over mix it. Just swirl it a little bit. That’s tie dye, baby! Now that I’ve got my ice cream cones full, it’s time to bake them. I’m going to put these in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. Be careful, Sofia. They’re really hot, okay? K! While my cupcakes are cooling, it’s time to get my icing ready. So I took this icing and put it into 3 separate bowls. We’re doing the same thing with our frosting that we did with our cake batter. Again, you only need about 2-3 drops. Now, it’s time to fill up my bag. For that, I’m going to need a little help.

So, we’re just going to give it a nice swirl. Now that’s how you do ice cream cone tie dye cupcakes, Hoboken style! Mmm, delicious! For more recipes like this, go to

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